In this newsletter, read about the appointment of new hires in support of RealityMine's recently launched ‘Centre of Excellence in Data Science’ and as part of our 10th anniversary series, we take a closer look at digital growth in QSRs over the past 10 years.

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Takeaway Food Digital Growth
Did you know McDonald's digital systemwide sales represented nearly 1/3 of total systemwide sales (over $6 billion) in the company’s top six markets in Q2 2022?

10 years ago, many QSRs didn’t consider digital sales as part of their strategy. But now, 10 years later, this market has exploded.

RealityMine can help companies measure digital purchases across leading QSR brands.

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New hires announced as part of ‘Centre of Excellence in Data Science’
RealityMine is excited to announce new team members in development of its ‘Centre of Excellence in Data Science’ led by Adam Lees!

The ‘Centre of Excellence in Data Science’ works to continually improve and evolve the RealLife data modules, to support data-driven decision by advertisers, retailers, publishers and agencies across media, advertising and e-commerce industries, and to help clients extract valuable insights.

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Attending APOS in Singapore from 27-29 September?
APOS, the defining voice and global platform for the Asia Pacific media and telecoms industry, is taking place September 27-29. RealityMine’s Chris Havemann will be there. Get in touch to meet up and have a chat whilst there.


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