In this newsletter, learn more about RealityMine's new RealLife Checkout product and find out how MFour's Atlas Studio can you help achieve better ad targeting in the world of app tracking transparency.

re you ensuring your research is keeping pace with today’s world? If you are not using behavioural data technology, you may be missing out! Get in touch with the team at RealityMine today!

RealityMine Introduces RealLife Checkout
RealLife Checkout provides clients with a new approach for the measurement of online purchases by focusing on the data that matters most - what products were bought and how much was paid. This enhanced methodology provides clients with the ability to scale their visibility of transactions across a wider range of services. Think of it as passive receipt scanning for digital transactions!

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Need better ad targeting in the world of app tracking transparency?
Learn more about how Fair Trade Data™, part of MFour's Atlas Studio, can help you plan more effective campaigns. Get in touch with Luke Biggins for your 7-day free trial!

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RealityMine’s Chris Havemann will be there. Get in touch to meet up and have a chat whilst there.

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