Across our Engineering and Data Services teams, we have been working hard to deliver high value new features and products, and as a valued customer, we want you to be the first to know!

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Looking back at Q4 Highlights:

  • Despite the changes that came with iOS 15, we have received excellent feedback across our client base on the effectiveness of our application inference model and the measurement we deliver for this operating system.

  • We have further expanded our RealLife Websites product to include Samsung Browser which has further enhanced our visibility of real world user behaviour.

  • We've developed 'In App Messaging' which can now be utilised across all platforms and provides clients with a flexible means to deliver better communications to panellists.

  • We've launched 'Behaviourally Triggered Surveys' allowing our clients to understand the context behind digital behaviours, delivering the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.
Coming soon in Q1 2022

RealLife Audio Expansion
The introduction of RealLife Audio data was a breakthrough success in 2021 as demand for insight on listening behaviours grew significantly. On behalf of clients across all regions, we’re expanding the coverage of our measurement across both new operating systems and audio platforms. As audio consumption continues to grow, we foresee ever greater demand for this data over the course of 2022.

RealLife Checkout
RealLife Checkout provides clients with a new approach for the measurement of online purchases by focusing on the data that matters most - what products were bought and how much was paid. This enhanced methodology is a natural extension of our existing RealLife Shopper product, but provides clients with the ability to scale their visibility of transactions across a wider range of services. Think of it as passive receipt scanning for digital transactions!

Embedded Browsing
RealLife Websites is a product that all of our clients subscribe to and represents the core of what we deliver as a business. We know that measurement of browsing is crucial, but what about behaviour that doesn’t occur within traditional web browsers? The scale and range of services that social media apps now deliver to their users means that a huge amount of web browsing now takes place within these properties - walled gardens where reliable data is hard to access.

Following a period of R&D and client consultation through 2021, we will now be building new data products to provide visibility of web browsing behaviour within social media platforms. We foresee significant demand for this data from both publisher and retail brands as these platforms cement and enhance their offering in these sectors.

What else?
Our RealLife Media product continues to be in high demand, and we are edging towards support for the measurement of 40 SVOD services globally. Beyond data feeds, we are also continuing our progress to migrate our data pipeline to a full streaming capability. This represents a significant shift in how our data is processed, the way that we can deliver it to clients and the flexibility that this will provide.

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